Friday, May 22, 2009


Faith in God
3 Children
2 Souls in heaven
6 Moves
5 Homes
6 States
8 Vehicles
50+ Camping trips
221+ Campfires
Endless loads of laundry
Too many deployments
1 Week in San Antonio
3 Trips to Wisconsin Dells
Countless travels to Connecticut, Michigan and Georgia
7 National Parks
2 almost 3 promotions
Hundreds of projects
1 Entertainment center
2 Cradles
1 Set of bunk beds
5 other pieces of furniture
1 Wood shop (1 to come)
1 Home built
Many tears dried
Hugs and kisses everyday
Millions of mistakes
Loads and loads of love and forgiveness
1 Man and 1 Woman united under God for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death due us part. We are both better people for saying those words and honoring our commitment to each other and to our children. We are in love even on the bad days, we have faith in our Father that pulls us through the rough patches and we forgive over and over again. That is just the first ten years. Now with a lot of prayer we'll head into the next fifty plus.

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heidi said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats!!!