Monday, January 16, 2012

All 5 Marnell Cousins

We finally got a photo of all five. In between moving, school, basketball, and bugs (not the good kind Memere) it was hard to capture this. Auntie Kara sang a rousing rendition of Old McDonald had a farm to make Owen smile and not scream while I fed Ruby puffs to keep her happy. So Memere's bugs are sending her lots of smiles. Beetle bug, snug-a-bug, cuddle bug, doodle bug, and lady bug all in one mess of love. Praying whatever nasty bug is turning three of my kiddos stomach inside out doesn't get to Auntie Kara and Ruby, we want them to fly home healthy. Anna amd Ruby wore matching outfits today, although Ruby wasn't very cooperative we did get a couple cute ones of the girly cousins. The one of them standing was unplanned and they were both in the same position so I pointed and shot. Love these kids, they are fun, especially love being an auntie, I miss her already.

We love you Ruby-doobie-doo.
A good auntie will get this Dora chair in the mail ASAP, I'm not promising you have a good auntie, but you will get the chair eventually.

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