Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We've finally moved it all out of the rental and into our home. Now I just have to get organized a major feat for me. Today I managed to get the office empty and organized. I emptied four bins and one large suitcase. I also unpacked and put away 7 boxes from the living room. Luke and Owen's room is done and organized, just a few more decorations to go up. Beau's room is painted, he needs some shelving units, but I did find curtains for his closet and a small valance curtain for his window. It helps that he has always loved the ocean and each bedroom continues with that theme, this one just delves a little deeper as he calls it and underwater cave. Pictures will be posted soon. Anna's room is a nightmare, not really, but close. Her bed is a loft, that is not yet lofted, so there are pieces and parts everywhere, plus she has collections of stuff that need homes. She needs a shelving unit and she'd like a desk to do her homework in her room. Her room is our goal this weekend, if we complete that the garage is next. I'm still planning a look back at 2011 blog, but life keeps overtaking me. Hoping to get a little done in my bedroom and bathroom tomorrow as I just keep making stacks in there and I think Ben is ready to have an organized bedroom (although he does know he's married to queen of disorganized.) Owen spent the day coloring, thankfully he is getting it all on paper these days, I was surprised how many coloring spots of his I found on walls at the rental when I was cleaning.

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