Monday, January 9, 2012

Santa Came to the New House

We were up by 6 and over at the new house sometime before 7, it was way too early. Owen really thought we were all crazy and just wanted to go back to bed. Santa brought the tree and everything from the rental so the kids could have Christmas morning at the new house. Ben and I had spent an hour at the house the night before scrubbing the living room floor so that this could happen. It was dirty to say the least. I think the kids had a fantastic Christmas and I know I did. They opened and played while I began cleaning again. Around 11 we were all very hungry having no food at the new house we'd all skipped breakfast. So we packed up and headed back to the rental to eat and get ready for Christmas dinner at Grandma Marnell's. Our first Christmas in Georgia was a success. We have now celebrated Christmas in 8 different states. I think that is plenty.

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