Friday, January 13, 2012

A List

Things I've done in the last three days...

-Packed and unpacked at least 20 boxes.
-Welcomed my SIL and niece from CT who are here for a week :)
-Taught kindergarten CCD
-Woke every hour or more one of those nights because Ben gave Owen a yogurt, ugh!
-Coached basketball practice.
-Watched basketball practice.
-Watched kindergarten basketball game.
-Chase Owen everywhere.
-Burnt trash.
-Painted, painted, painted.
-Woke up early, went to bed late.
-Made chicken noodle soup.
-Went to the grocery store three times in one day.
-Made another batch of chicken noodle soup (its really good).
-Helped Anna with a biography report about Eleanor Roosevelt (she got a 105%, she said the teacher said "she went above and beyond")
-Helped Luke with his 100 day poster project...original idea scrapped due to supply issue, made do with something I found in a box, ugh!
-Cut firewood.
-Cleaned cobwebs.
-Drove back and forth to do laundry at the rental.
-Moved the washer and dryer with Ben alone, only dropped the washer twice.
-Broke a step.
-Cleaned the garage.
-Washed walls.
-Vacuumed floors.
-Swept floors.
-Visited with a friend.
-Read to children.
-Rocked Owen to sleep.
-Cooked lasagna twice (the frozen kind, mmm).
-Cleaned the kitchen multiple times.
-Walked the property with my husband, just the two of us (FANTASTIC!)
-Kissed Ruby (my beautiful niece).
-Showered only once, um that's not so good.
-Laid with Beau and discussed his day.
-Alphabetized Beau's spelling words with him.
-Read to Anna.
-Helped Luke do his homework.
-Filled the gas tank on the car.
-Sang a lot of songs.

It has been an overly busy three days, and I am thankful for every minute of it.

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