Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year

Wow, the last couple weeks have flown by, but lots has been accomplished. We started the New Year with going to bed by 10 after having driven back from a fantastic wedding in Louisville. Every day since the 24th we have been working hard to get our new house clean, fresh, and smelling better. We are slowly making progress, at least I think it smells better. Two bedrooms are painted and ready to live in. One bedroom is ready to be primed and I think I have one kitchen/dining floor (its a big one) that is ready to be scrubbed. But this morning I am giving myself a break. Since Ben is flying to the Virgin Islands for 5 days I feel I can take a morning to blog and rest and even watch a little tv. Of course no break is completely a break with Owen around. I have peanut butter smeared on my pants because his snack of apples (from Michigan) and peanut butter was done and his way of telling me was to wipe it one me. It's almost nap time and then I think I might have to accomplish something or read a book in peace. I will be back later today to add pictures, write my a year gone by post and maybe add a little something else if I can think of anything.

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