Monday, September 22, 2008

We went to the Festival Parade on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning and the kids were really excited about being there. Although Anna's expression didn't show that. She was being coy with the camera and I kept clicking even though I never caught a smile.

Well from a distance I got a smile, but the light was washing it out a little bit so I switched it to black and white and it is a cute picture. She rarely leaves the house without a necklace, ring, or watch/bracelet on. I don't know where she gets that from because it isn't me. This day she was wearing a ring on her thumb and her necklace she got at the PowWow in August.
She also really loves soaking up Daddy. If she can wriggle into his arms for any length of time she will, and she convinced him to pick her up while we were waiting for the parade to start. You can see in her eyes she got exactly what she wanted. Also notice the little rug burn on her chin, she got it going down the slide during recess at school. She has the oddest injuries, and she is keeping tabs on how many times she gets hurt at recess, we are only up to two.
I would have pictures of the boys, but you see they wouldn't even stay still for one shot, they are all of the side of their heads or of dirt in their hands. So next time I will try to include them. Anna is starting to dominate the world of pictures.

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