Friday, September 19, 2008


This is why I hate mud. Unfortunately when it rains the property turns into one big mud hole, I can't imagine why. So all of my children's shoes look like this. These are Luke's, he of course is the biggest culprit in the mud holes, he cannot stay away from them, we wash his hands over and over...oh wait, we still don't have running water. So washing his hands is a tad bit challenging, but it does happen. The shoes on the other hand, I'm not even sure where they are right now, good thing the warm weather came back and we can wear sandals again. :)
Now, almost every time we go to the "property", we will call it home in 58 days if all goes as planned, I bring extra clothes at least one set for each kid sometimes two. Well on this particular day I hadn't, but it was cold and we'd managed to keep the kids in the basement all day. After Luke's nap he and I ran to town for a few things, a common practice when you are married to Ben and he has forgotten something again. So while we were in town, my phone rings, do you have any clothes here for Beau and Anna. Well no, why? Well they are muddy, and right now they are naked in their sleeping bags. Thankfully I wasn't far from the house so I could rescue them with some clothes. (Anna did have clothes there and put them on but they were shorts and a tank top, not weather appropriate.) SO I took there clothes and this is the way they were when I got there, well their faces anyway.

Beau was obviously thrilled.
Anna, she wasn't liking the caked on mud as much but she muddled through.
So that again why I hate mud. The next post will be on the more upbeat side and the positives of moving to the "property".

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