Saturday, September 6, 2008

The House Part 1

So as many or most or all of you know, we are building a house, well Jim is building the house. We are moving along quite well with minor hiccups here and there. The first part of the house was a big hole and then the forms went up for the basement.

Then once the basement was in the floor joists went on.

Then the house went up, it was a lot slower than what it sounds, but it is now up. I also didn't seem to take many pictures along the way. But we are getting siding on and the next post will have a video with a guided tour of the before, when it is just bare bones. I think I picked my tile for the shower today, and our floors and walls have all been decided, my last big hurdle is the kitchen backsplash. I am by no means an interior decorator.
I also don't know how to make the pictures go between the text so you'll have to look at them where they are. Maybe someday I'll get better at this. So the last picture is actually supposed to be the first picture and in the end I did figure out how to type between so next time it will be even better.
Hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of what we are doing here. Life is crazy but we are having fun.

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