Friday, September 19, 2008

You Can't Beat the View

Whenever the mud really starts to get to me I just have to look a little bit further into the horizon. And this is what I see to the south of us.The Bears Paw Mountains (yes, Bears Paw, don't ask me.) They are beautiful and the colors that day were extraordinary. Then we look to the Northwest.
And we can see the Sweet Grass Mountains, these are harder to see but just as gorgeous. We have yet to drive to them they are easily over two hours away, but we do enjoy the view.
Now inside the house.

This view won't last much longer as the drywall should be up any day now, but I was sitting on the basement steps looking up. The boys really get a kick out of being on the ledge so hi, Anna however, has a slight fear of heights and was coerced to get that close to the edge, but she did it, my brave girl. Now down below.

These were the steps I was sitting on and this is half of my basement, the other half doesn't have concrete yet so it isn't quite as nice looking but I love this half. I love that it will contain the playroom and all the toys. We will put up sheet rock and make a toy storage area or play area under the steps still under negotiations. Now out front.

This is where my front door will be you can kind of see Ben inside working on it, he has to now redo all of the work due to some funky wood seepage but it will all soon be done correctly. I absolutely love the color of my siding. It reminds me of my childhood home on Balk Rd. Did I mention I love it. Oh yeah, there is going to be a great front porch here when all is said and done. Back inside...

This is my bedroom, with the windows facing west, can't wait to watch the sunsets.
But to the east we can see the moon.
This is the view in the front yard looking a little southeast.
Now just turn slightly to look northeast and you get this...
Can't forget the construction equipment, it is a staple in our lives at the moment. I think I might print and frame this picture, I really like it.
I have more pictures of the house and will take more this weekend. I want to show my closet, dining room and kitchen off, although they will be much more fabulous when they are looks like that may be in time for our Thanksgiving guests. I hope Memere, Papa Lloyd, Auntie Kara, and Scott don't mind wading through the boxes. We can't wait to share it with all of you, visitors are always welcome.

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