Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter, Strep and Bozeman

UPDATED with pictures.

We had a very nice Easter Sunday, mass was perfect (except we allowed candy before hand so we had to reign in a couple boys). Then we went to great friends for dinner and fellowship, fabulous. I was feeling slightly under the weather but nothing significant. Then Sunday night I went for a slight irritable feeling to I feel horrible rather quickly. By Monday morning I felt horrible and on top of feeling horrible we were supposed to leave for a week away in Bozeman and Missoula at 1 p.m. Before 9 I decided I needed to see a doctor, my throat hurt and nothing was breaking my fever. So with three kids in tow we packed the van, ran all the errands in town before and week away and went to the doctor, where I found out I had strep (which I expected at this point). Then off to Wal-mart for the marathon wait for my antibiotic. By 4 we were on the road to pick up Ben at work and continue south. My throat has never hurt so much in life I don't want to eat or drink or talk or breath. I am not sleeping because the pain wakes me up and my body aches incessantly. But nevertheless we are going to have fun here because the kids won't have it any other way. I promise to get Easter pictures loaded in the next day or two when I feel like existing in this world again. Oh it is snowing here in Bozeman too, I didn't pack any winter jackets and forgot Luke's jacket all together, I was a little bit out of it yesterday while packing. They are lucky they have underwear.
God Bless,

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heidi said...

Welcome to Bozeman! HA! Stupid snow.