Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Safe at Last....

...or something like that. We are home. We got home yesterday evening. I was able to let the kids play outside while I talked on the phone for the rest of the evening. That was my birthday present to myself. I talked for a long time to my very best friend in the world and then I just wanted to cry because I can't run to her rescue when her kids are sick and her husband's gone. It royally sucks to live so far away, but such is life. I also talked to most of my family and received all my birthday greetings, and it was a lovely day despite the fact Ben forgot it was my birthday until ten in the morning. He had a card already, but when the day finally arrived, it slipped his mind. I love him anyway. He tries so hard and sometime I know he will come through big time, for now I love him just the way he is. I mean just check out some of the pictures of him in the pool with the kids, who can't love a man that plays with your kids like that. We had an almost 6 hour trip home, I drove the first three, and I had to make a pitstop at a beautiful river/campsite and take a short nap. Ben wasn't feeling great, but he sat outside with the kids so I could close my eyes. He did drive the last trek from Great Falls home so I didn't drive the whole way. I didn't get to shop yesterday, but I'd run up to Missoula the day before and hit a few stores at the mall. The kids were smitten with the pretzels and begged for them all day yesterday. The things they don't know about, it is fun when you get to see them experience it for the first time. Anna helped me shop for a new shirt to match my skirt, she was very particular, and the boys groaned the whole time. Anna got new sandals for the summer and a new t-shirt. Beau got 2 new t-shirts, he was very picky about what they said. Luke got nothing, so sorry, although he was a great sport and stayed in the stroller for almost the whole trip.
Ben is running a fever today hopefully it isn't strep, but we will keep a close eye on it. Luke has been way off track and had several tantrums that almost put me over the edge, but I think we are through the worst of it. Beau and Anna jumped right back into the swing of things, walking to the bus stop this morning and both having great days at school. Anna's class had three chicks hatch, Sunshine, Ducky and Stripey, she got to hold Sunshine today. Beau is studying insects and got to have a meal worm on his desk today (I tried not to gag as he shared about it.)
The kids also received a large box from Memere full of fantastic treasures, books, and I don't even know what else because we haven't made it to the bottom of it yet. There was a great book on backyard bugs that Beau is thrilled to take to school this week for their series on insects. Thank you Memere. Auntie Kara threw some stuff in their too, Luke has enjoyed those immensely and I've had to help him find his ball more than ten times already, thank you. I haven't really seen everything, the kids just keep going in for more when they are ready for something new, but even they haven't made it to the bottom yet.
It has been a full day and I feel like I have gotten very little done, but at least the blog is updated and there are plenty of pictures down below for you to enjoy. You may have to click older posts to catch all the pictures.

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