Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swimming Fun

Updated with photos.

I still have a fever and am feeling junky in general, but we are managing to have some fun. After lunch with daddy, we ran to Target to find water rings, there were no arm floaties so Beau settled for some rockets that you dive for. I didn't think he'd be able to do it, but in normal Beau fashion he proved me wrong. They all had a significantly wonderful time even though for the first time in Mommyhood I didn't get in the water, I just feel too terrible to even tolerate the slightest varying temperatures of the water. Anna floated in her tube and got out of it for all of 23 seconds because she could touch the bottom, but when the water made her lose her balance the slightest little bit her fear took over and back in her tube she got. Luke never got off the steps, but he had a lot of fun just like that. Beau jumped and dove and cannon balled until he ran out of steam and then he sat in the hottub until I made them get out because of red cheeks. It was fun and they are looking forward to more. I am looking forward to a nap when Ben gets back.