Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sick of Things

I am sick of being sick. Ben and I have been passing things back and forth for weeks now and I am tired of it. He was sick last week, I am sick this week. Thankfully it is at opposite times so we can pick up eachother's slack, but we are both fed up.
I am sick of the snow, it is snowing again. We are in a winter storm warning 3 inches to 3 feet, hmm nice forecasting. The news last night called it a freak winter storm, well since it isn't winter anymore spring storm would be more appropriate, and freak is no where in describing weather here. The weather here does what it wants when it wants, there is no rhyme or reason for it.
I am sick of muddy paw prints on my floors, but thankfully water and soap washes them right up, good thing we went with wood.
Well really that is all I am sick of, so it isn't too much. We'll see what the weather does, for now it is snowing big wet flakes. The kind of snow we never see up here but that I am used to from Michigan. Beau didn't want to go to school today because the weather was just ridiculous, but I made him go anyway. Anna never complains.
Anna had a dentist appointment yesterday, her teeth looked great and she behaved great. Her 6 year old molars are getting ready to pop through on top, hopefully that happens easily. She isn't 6 yet and they are coming in a lot earlier than Beau's did. She hasn't lost any teeth yet, and I prefer she doesn't for at least a few more months. School is going great for both of them. Beau is excelling at almost everything. Anna has really learned the basics of reading and is starting to enjoy it and getting better at it every day.
Luke is his own imagination station. Last night before he went to bed he told me he would dream of marshmallows and chocolate. He was disappointed this morning to tell me he had no dreams. The color of his skin is yellow, he will eat anything if you let him add a few sprinkles, and he loves his pets.
So the title of this post really isn't matching life because life is really good, there are just a few minor irritations bothering me today.
God Bless,

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