Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Montana

No I'm not talking about owning the state I live in, while I like it her I am far from ready to claim it as mine. I am talking about my Pontiac Montana, that has taken us on many trips and travelled like a champ the whole way. However, its name is very deceiving. See a Montana in Montana is not keeping up with the job. Today is day number 2 that I got stuck in the driveway on the way to the bus stop. The kids had to jump out and run the whole way with me trailing behind with Luke. Both days they have made it to the bus, today barely. I'm sure she felt bad for them and she waited patiently because she saw them high tailing it that way. Yesterday Ben had to come home from work and get me unstuck, so I took him out to lunch afterward. I can't say I didn't enjoy the extra time with him. Today, I am hoping for the sun to poke out and warm it up a little to help it melt a little and then a shovel and I will get to work. I love my vehicle, but today I am not feeling the love from it. Hopefully I will be able to dig it out enough to plow through to get to the semi-plowed road, but I won't try until at least 10 maybe 11 so for now I am going to finish the laundry. I stayed up until midnight last night getting the majority of it done and I don't want to fall off the power curve. I'm almost on track with laundry after our trip and getting sick. No more "mom (or Bridget) where is my underwear" I seem to be the only one capable of looking through a clean basket of laundry that isn't folded, however I also am the only one that folds. The kids are getting better folding and help when forced, Ben hates folding and I don't know if he'd fold even if I were gone for several weeks, he'd live out of piles (but they'd be clean, he does wash and dry.)
It's thankful Thursday in some parts of the blogosphere, so I will say how thankful I am that we own two reliable vehicles (in spite of the current predicament). I'm thankful for enough clothes to keep us warm (even though Beau and Anna are both prone to wearing waders to school even though Ben and I protest.) I'm thankful for this beautiful family we have that even when we're stuck in the snow, things are breaking, laundry is piling up, they are all still smiling and loving each other. I'm thankful for legos, my children have been in legoland for days now playing happily all together (most of the time.) Thankyou heavenly Father for providing these things and so much more to our lives, I am so grateful.
God Bless,

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