Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snow to Sunburn

We have made it out of Bozeman and onto Hamilton via Missoula. We had a great morning Thursday at the Museum of the Rockies with Ben and then we were on the road for a few hours. Missoula proved to be the most traffic we've seen in Montana in the last year and it slowed us up a little bit. We made it to Hamilton in time for Ben to sign in for his Knights of Colulmbus meeting and grab a quick dinner at A&W, yuck! It was the first fast food we've had and the last. Dropped Ben off at his social, the kids and I swam and showered and went to pick up Ben. Thursday finally over Friday was a great day. Ben was gone at his meeting all day and the kids and I made the most of the beautiful weather. It was over 60 degrees and sunny. We found a great playground and we went to the river where we threw rocks and enjoyed the sand. Well the kids enjoyed the sand. We got back in time to get Ben chill out and then go to dinner and to bed. Everyone was extremely wore out by the day spent outside in the sun. I also had a sunburn on my chest and neck, very unexpectedly. Today I am not sure what our plans are to be, but we have already been swimming and now there is some very loud activity going on in the background of a make-believe game. It is going to take me hours to download all the great pictures we've taken.