Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Been Too Long

Time is slowly flying by. There is so much going on yet each day presents its own challenges with an 8 month that wants to be 2.

His favorite toy, he loves music, the louder the better.
Ben and I are thrilled with this.

Look mom no hands.

Falling down, a normal activity.

Just a cute picture.
This shirt reminds me of a Luke story. If you have met Luke you have probably received a monkey hug, where he wraps his arms and legs around you so tight you can let go and he will stay put, stuck right there. His monkey hugs are infamous. We don't do monkey hugs all the time around here, although occasionally he gives one out, but the other day he was eating a banana and piped up, "Hey mom, this will help make me stronger for my monkey hugs." Well put Luke, he is a little comedian as well as the loudest one in the house, although Owen is starting to compete.

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