Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sledding Fun For All

We took the kids to College Hill, a sledding hill they have wanted to visit since the first winter we were here. It was a struggle to get them all to stop long enough to take this picture but I am so glad I did. They all look so happy and it really sums up our time here in Montana. The days are going by fast Ben will be leaving in less than a month, but we will always have these wonderful memories. Although I can't wait until this winter goes away, I am way ready for spring.

I didn't get pictures of it but Anna and Beau will wrestle over one sled and the winner is the one that is on the sled at the bottom. Watching it I am sure that one of them will end up crying but they both are smiling ear to ear when they come in from the hill. I think they like the aggressive outlet with their snow gear on because they are padded. It is also a lot of fun to watch them enjoying themselves so much.

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