Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Robin and Sam

These two cats have been with us since Halloween 2008, wow that seems like a long time ago. They have disappeared only to return months later. Sam has become mutated with no ears and only half a tale and one lame leg that is twisted not quite right. They are the most loving sweet cats I could imagine having even though they have always lived outside. Sam did get garage privileges once his mutations were quite significant. The kids love them, but the parents are not willing to move two unpredictable semi-wild cats across the country. So last night they were relocated to a very nice farm about 20 miles away with a nice barn and friendly animals. The kids are thrilled with their new home and I'm glad to not have to worry about them...
Oh but wait, the cat below, Sam, the one who isn't quite right. Well he wasn't too thrilled with the new living arrangements so when it was time to leave the farm the kids couldn't find him. They searched every inch of the truck worried he would be run over. He was no where so they figured he had run off. Five minutes after pulling in Ben calls us into the garage Sam had somehow hitched a ride on the truck somewhere for 20 miles and was back in our garage. So today after school we try again because the kids insist on being there to say goodbye again. Dang cats!

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