Friday, March 18, 2011

Shuffling Feet

Owen has great balance, he stands up in the middle of the room all day long, but he doesn't want to take steps. He will stand there and wait for you to come get him, or if you take to long he'll just squat back down and crawl closer to you. He learned to drink from a straw cup today...I didn't know he could drink from it so I thought he was just playing with Luke's cup until I saw how wet his shirt was getting, that's when I got him his own cup. I didn't want him to get too much straight apple juice. This is the mess he made.

Then he stood up and Luke came and handed him his cup. Once he had his cup he started taking some mini steps, I snapped some pictures but you can't really tell he was moving forward much. So I quick switched the camera to video and yeah he stopped moving his feet and sat down. I wouldn't want him to cooperate.

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