Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday At Our House

Owen playing in his favorite cupboard.

Trying to use daddy's drill.

It's finally warm enough to sit in the grass.

Luke is happy to be outside.

Little boys with big toys.
Beau finally gets to use his .22 he got for Christmas.

He and a friend obliterated a pink bunny, they called it Bugs Bunny's wife.
9 year old boys are strange.
They followed all the safety rules and had fun at the same time.

Luke wanted to hold Owen for a picture.
I think everyone was happy to get outside for a little while.
It's supposed to get cold again this week with snow and rain so we enjoyed it while we could.
Anna was at a girlfriends. She had a fabulous time and really didn't want to come home when I picked her up. She was happy to see Owen when she got here though.

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