Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Then I'm Not Playing"

Otherwise titled "Random Saturday Morning Thoughts".
I've always hated that phrase, "then I'm not playing with you anymore", until this morning. Listening to Anna and Luke play Luke threw it out there, and immediately my skin started crawling, then Anna said okay we can do it this way which was a combination of both their ideas. I realized at that moment that phrase isn't so bad we need to learn compromise and that is what they are doing. Even as adults in negotiations we throw it out there, then I'm done...sometimes it means walking away other times the other party will bend. My Saturday morning lesson was more than I bargained for today. Not to say that when I hear that phrase later this week my skin won't crawl again, but I hopefully will be less likely to interfere than I was yesterday.
This phrase also made me think of more...a lot of thoughts happen when you leave the tv off. There have been several times this week where I wanted to say "then I don't want to play anymore". Sick kids, dirty floors...just an hour after I scrubbed them for the second time, someone let the dogs in and paw prints were everywhere, kids that aren't sleeping, packing, organizing, planning...all of this I don't always want to do, I don't want to play anymore. But its life and we don't always have an option, once the ball starts rolling we just have to keep playing and praying through it. Then in moments of weakness when I've had it, God says wait your life is easy. I ran into two friends in town yesterday that shared the game of life they were playing one has a truly sick child and another lost a parent and her life got turned upside down. The things that drop you to your knees and cry out to God. So in this game of life that I don't always want to play anymore I'm now on my knees crying out to God for this sweet little girl to not to endure too much pain on her path to healing, and for this other family to adjust to their life and let the turmoil pass. I don't understand God's ways but I know without Him I really wouldn't want to play so while I felt like sitting yesterday out in the end I just knelt down to pray.

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