Saturday, August 27, 2011

Luke is Six

Happy Birthday To You!
Luke turned 6 today, we are so proud of the boy he is becoming.
Luke is the cup is half full kind of kid. No matter what he always seems to see the good things in life.
Kindergarten has been fantastic, and on Monday he gets a new teacher and a whole new class, but his take on it is that he gets to make more friends.
Luke makes us laugh multiple times a day.
Luke laughs all day.
He is definitely are loudest child, we all know where Luke is and what he's doing.
He can make sound effects for any and all toys including imaginary ones.
There is no shortage of fun when Luke is around everything can be turned into a game.
He has taught Owen how to play cars and make car noises.
Luke's smile can light up the darkest night.
Luke's most famous mark in life is his monkey hugs and we are privileged to get those hugs every day, being Luke's mom is a true pleasure and he is one unique treasure.
We Love You Luke.

Luke's cake was decorated by Luke.
It is mud and bugs and worms and if you look closely some worms are crawling over bugs back into the dirt.

Having Great Grandma Marnell at Luke's birthday was very special.
He was showing her his cake here.

Killer Smile

Intent on Dad lighting the candles.

Showing Dad where to cut the cake.

Opening expressive.

Thanks Cousin Josh for coming to the party and holding Owen. Luke loved his transformer, not sure how much Owen liked being held.

We greatly appreciate being able to share Luke's birthday with so much family. Thank you Auntie Annette, Josh, Stephanie, Mandy, Aunt Pam, Great Grandma Marnell and Erin for coming and celebrating Luke's day with us. We are so thankful to live near family.

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