Monday, August 8, 2011

Traveling with Owen is Anything but Restful

Owen's a traveling baby, but he doesn't want to be a baby and he doesn't necessarily care to fly. He did awesome on both legs from Montana to Michigan, sleeping most of both flights and even walking off the plane from Denver to Michigan. He thinks he is so much bigger than he is. At the lay over he was a nightmare, we couldn't stay in one spot and I didn't want to lug all our stuff around. So I tried to limit him to a small area and it worked somewhat. It was a really long two hour layover. I was so tired and he so wasn't. He went from the chairs to the side of the moving walkway and back over and over again. He climbed on the chairs, he stepped up on the metal ledge by the walk way and fell over when he'd try to grab the moving railing, he quickly learned to just let his hand rest on the railing. He seemed to have lots of fun, while I barely kept my eyes open. I bought him a fruit smoothy so that he wouldn't scream for my coffee and they were nice enough to give me an extra small cup so he only spilled a little at a time. He looked cute though and waved at and said hi to all sorts of strangers definitely wasn't a boring trip.

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