Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Squirrely Situation

Why are my children staring out the window?

That is a great story to tell.
My Great Uncle Pete spent some time with us in Michigan this summer, he is 85 and lives alone on a large farm in southern Georgia.
Well I guess entertainment in Georgia isn't exactly something I'd ever seen before.
Uncle Pete tied peanuts in some cord and hung it from the bird feeder to give the squirrels some fun.
The kids thought the whole thing was amazing and spent a long time watching this squirrel get every last peanut from the cord.
Beau loved it and sent Uncle Pete a letter including some of these pictures.
In return yesterday in the mail Beau received a package with a peanut plant (literally one pulled out of the ground) and a bag of peanuts.
Also included was a hand written note from Uncle Pete telling Beau how peanuts grow.
Treasures for sure.

I call the above picture "squirrel nuts" due to the appropriately placed peanut.

He always climbed down and huddled once he got a nut off.
Not entertainment I would have ever dreamed of but it was fun to watch.

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