Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Some Pics and Random Moments

Beau has earned 73 AR points, in AR world that is a lot, he is the highest in his class and he has earned his whole class a donut party. He is very excited about it and there is finally a really positive reward for all his reading. A reward his siblings see and his classmates see and reap the benefits of making his reading cool and part of all of it. We are really happy with the way Beau's school year has started out.
Luke is doing great. He is so social. He came home on Monday to tell me about a new student, but bummed because she didn't sit at his table. I asked where she came from...he said, "through the door like everybody else." Anna and I had a good giggle over that and I tried to explain to him what I meant like he came from Montana, he said he didn't know and didn't care.
Anna is happy to have all her Barbies back and the boys live in bionicle lego land most of the time even now that they have tv they still played in their rooms for over an hour yesterday.
I'll comment on Owen with pictures in the next post.

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