Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"O" The Trouble

...Owen loves shoes, he brings them to you all day to put them on he doesn't care if they match.
...He only eats the marshmallows from a handful of luck charms.
...He never misses a candid camera moment, he always poses.

...Owen asleep is rare, but it is so peaceful and adorable.

...Owen loves breakfast, this was the morning the movers arrived, I wouldn't let him eat til I had his highchair and I only had the bottom of his bottle for an unbreakable bowl.
...when Owen's done eating he throws whatever dish is in front of him
...he says thankyou, please, your welcome, more, but seems to have missed the lesson on all done. he really only 14 months because he seems older but I still want him to be a baby.
...taking siblings pictures on picture day, he had to have his turn too.
...he cheesed it pretty good.

...he loves to be near his siblings, although they don't love it as much.

...while I have been typing Owen has strewn a roll of garbage bags through the house and around the furniture, so now I get to roll them back up.
...yesterday it was a tinful of crayons.
...then a tub of colored pencils, got to love (or loathe) the boxes of school supplies around for homework.
...Owen is fun even though he is A LOT of work, his kisses and hugs make it all worth it.
...and his smile could melt anyone's heart.

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Kara said...

Ruby loves shoes too, but she would rather eat them....we can't leave them in the living space anymore, and she has some brand new ones that she uses as toys, flip flops she wears as bracelelts...LOL