Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Weeks Wednesday Words

...Luke wore 12-18 month jean shorts to school today.
...Anna put her book next to her bed and we couldn't find it for 12 hours.
...Beau got a homework pass so he may never do homework again if he gets his way.
...Owen won't stay off the coffee table, and he doesn't sit on it he stands on it.
...Anna's hair and outfits really matter these days.
...Luke's school work is done to perfection, his teachers continue to comment on how nice his work is.
...Owen just climbed the kitchen stool, that is not safe.
...Beau likes television too much, but he still reads over one hundred pages a day so maybe I shouldn't complain.
...Anna finally took her first AR test, and since we found her book hopefully we're starting a new trend.
...Ben went to Tennessee and back and is now working in the living room, I'm still unsure about this work from home day, he's here but he's not.
...We got an offer on the house, now we counter and play the waiting game.
...God is in the smallest details, He has been showing me over and over again the last couple weeks, if I just trust He will come through. Maybe not in my time, but in His and His is always perfect.

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