Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beau Mows

Beau completed his first lawn job this weekend. He had to use both feet to push the brake in but he managed just fine. He mowed for at least an hour, at one point I offered to take over but he insisted he keep going. He finally got tired of the vibrations so I finished up, but he had done almost all the backyard, I just cleaned it up and it was a large backyard. I was really proud of him although I was having minor heart palpatations the whole time he was on that tractor. I mean there are moving parts and rotating blades and all sorts of things and any lack of concentration could cause an injury and Beau's reputation isn't one of intense concentration unless there is a book in his hands. He did great though, and I might let him do it again when he's 15. Although I know next summer he will be the primary lawn mower, and I'll just get to finish it up. I enjoy mowing it means I have time to myself to ponder life. My children are growing up and it is fun to watch even if it does cause anxiety.

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