Thursday, October 20, 2011

Owen On-Goings

Ben was out of town, so Owen wouldn't go to bed.
He had been screaming for several minutes in his crib so I gave up.
Owen is a sweat machine, but Anna and I made the most of him staying up late.
We gave him a cool hair-do.

Owen has been watching his siblings color a lot due to homework.
He has finally learned to stay on the paper.

Each object in the picture has something to do with Owen.
He wears everyones shoes and leaves them where we can't find them.
He likes water in a cup nearby.
The bucket has not stayed in one place all day.
The plastic bag is for glue sticks for the hot glue gun, he has emptied it 20 times this week, its kept under the sink because we are in the midst of several school projects.
The dog bowl my serves to feed the dogs and entertain Owen.

He has really learned to pose for the camera.

Something else he did today that I had no idea he had started was he held the pen/pencil correctly.
It took several tries to get him to stay focused coloring while I snapped a picture so it is a little out of focus, but I think it is a pretty good grip for a 16 month old. He'll be writing his name next week I'm just sure of it.

This is what happens when you take away the elmers glue stick that the kids are using when I won't hot glue it for them. He had only dug his finger in a little ways when I realized what he had.
Yes, the feet are always dirty. He sneaks outside whenever someone opens the door. He is worse than the dogs about that.
I spared you the snot running down to his chin picture.

In other random news...I'm not sure I really enjoy my phone ringing and them asking for Anna, really are we already there? They just saw each other all day what could they have to talk about.

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