Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank You Aunt Fran

This morning it was cold enough to wear a jacket, which I enjoy but these southerners sure don't. My Aunt Fran in Michigan gave Owen this jacket this summer, and he looked so cute I had to snap a picture. He posed quickly with mouth wide open every time. One of them he closed his eyes. He is too funny and loved putting his jacket on because he understood it meant he got to go outside, he would live out there if we let him.

I had hoped to get up and out early to go to Women in Faith Bible Study at church this morning, but unfortunately Luke has been having severe stomach aches the last three days. So I took him to the doctor...he has strep throat, never would have guessed fever no sore throat just severe stomach pain. Now he is on antibiotics and we will all be happier soon. He may be sick and in pajamas all day but he still is cute.

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