Monday, October 31, 2011

Decorating Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Because there isn't enough sugar involved with Halloween, I made the kids sugar cookies with pumpkin cookie cutters and they got to decorate those yesterday too. Mandy, Erin and Great Grandma came to enjoy the activities with us and Erin chose to use the green frosting on her pumpkin, Luke was unable to understand this decision thus the funny look on his face.

Ben enjoying his cookie before we called the kids in. He rarely partakes in the desserts I back so I really enjoy when he loves what I make. He particularly likes my frosting, although he made this batch colored it and everything. It was a little thin for my preferences, but I didn't tell him that and he won't know unless he reads this which may or may not happen. It still tasted delicious and I was sure to have plenty.

Beau enjoying his first bite.

Erin and her green cookie, she was fun to watch.

Proof that Great Grandma was there.
The lighting in these pictures is terrible and I didn't take the time to edit them, but its the memories that matter, and this weekend was full of making memories.

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