Monday, October 3, 2011

Playground Fun

Ben went to a wedding in Connecticut this weekend, so the kids and I ventured to a park we hadn't been to before. It was large and lots of fun. There were climbing things and a large playground for the big kids, and a great fenced in smaller playground for the little kids. Unfortunately Owen didn't get to play on the smaller playground because I couldn't keep an eye on the big kids from there. So he just watched and played with wood chips and occassionally his siblings would take him down the slide. It was fun to watch them stop and give Owen some attention without being asked. I did have to ask one or the other to watch him so I could lift Luke or take a picture of Anna or Beau. But they were always willing, and would follow him wherever he went. Luke and Anna even gave him a ride on a spinning thing, but I didn't let them do that more than twice because he'd get so dizzy and then fall down and I didn't want him to get hurt. We did have a great time, my hope was that Owen would be tired out and sleep through church. Ha, he was the worst he's ever been in Mass that evening, we will avoid Saturday night Mass in the future.
Owen on the ground.

Luke half way up.

Beau on top.

Anna on top.

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