Tuesday, February 24, 2009

House Warming/Signature Homestyles Party

I have wanted to have a house warming, but without any family around to come I decided not to do it, however, I am having a Signature Homestyles Party so all my friends here can come and see our new home (without the final touches done yet). It is also a good excuse to have a girl's night out (in). I am looking forward to ideas from my friends as to decoration and style because I have very little. Friday night should be a lot of fun and I might actually make this place a little more stylish when it is all said and done. If any of my friends or family out in the blog world would like to order anything from the catalog just click on the link above or below and go to the catalog. If you see something you'd like let me know and we can order it. Or if you see something you kind of like not sure that you want to buy right now, let me know that too because then I have a gift idea for the future. I could always do another party in six months right before Christmas. Just drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment if anything catches your eye.

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