Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Marriage Renewed, Restrengthened, Restored

Ben and I had a good marriage, we loved each other and we spent time together, but this weekend our good marriage became a great marriage. We attended a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend and renewed our love for each other. We fell in love deeper than before we left and we discovered each other again. We renewed our vows, and I wept with tears of extreme joy that were filled with strength that Ben gave me this weekend. I would encourage and challenge anyone that reads this to consider giving themselves and their spouse the greatest gift you could ever give each other by attending a weekend encounter and reigniting your flames. I feel on fire with my love for Ben, and I'm not sure Ben would use the same words but he also really enjoyed the weekend together. We both learned a lot that will carry us through the next 50 years, or until the next time we go on a weekend retreat.
I will be posting more this week about the retreat and different aspects of it that really spoke to me, but right now I am still basking in the warmth and blanket of love that I feel towards Ben and I know he feels towards me (he told me so.)
God Bless, and for all marriages in strife I pray.

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Mrs B said...

Girl, I have been waiting and waiting to hear from you! I am so glad it went well. I thought about you too so many times!