Friday, February 6, 2009

What I Don't Understand About My Kids

Why can't they all get sick on the same day? Why do they have to drag it out one after the other?

How come on one day they will eat it and then the next won't even touch their tongue to it?

When does a routine sink in so that you don't have to spell every step out for them every day?

How come they always miss the toilet when they puke?

Why are they always sick in the middle of the night?

Why do they have to play loudly in front of the tv?

How come I can never find the remote after Beau touches it?

Why can Anna read my eyes so well?

Why do I have to get out of the van to get her on the bus? She always finds an excuse to get me out, today she couldn't cross the cattle guard by herself, she was afraid she would slip?

Why after weeks of sleeping with their door shut does Beau now need it open a crack to fall asleep?

Why does Luke insist that the door still be shut tightly?

Why won't Beau eat chicken unless it is in nugget form?

Why won't Beau eat beef unless it is in hamburger form?

Why do they learn our bad habits faster than our good ones?

Why do they grow up so fast?

How did they get so smart?

How much longer until they won't hug me in public anymore? I don't think I'll survive then, Beau is already starting to push the limits, if I ask then I might get one but never without prompting.

How do you capture their joy in a bottle?

How do you hide your pride when they finally behave in church? We are so close.

How does your heart hold so much love without exploding?

Thank you heavenly Father for these gifts I treasure more than gold, my days would be boring without them, even when they are pushing me to the brink of my patience. Watch over them when I cannot and keep them always under your loving guidance. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Bridget, i fiigured out how to leave you a note- I have been trying to check in on you through your site. Today was brilliant. I always think so,but today Ifigured out how to leave a note to actually tell you so.
HUGS!!! Kristi