Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Part of Beau

Beau is a celebrity now. He made the newspaper of our metropolis, and of course his answer was scientific. We completely forgot that he was going to be in the paper so we didn't go out and buy three copies of the daily news to have proof to send to grandparents of his endeavours, but thankfully we have friends. More than one person cut it out for us and got it to us.
This other little piece of artwork is so Beau. He is constantly drawing and making little comics out of whatever he draws. This one says "The kid is shocked cause he heard pop quiz." His z is backwards which is very common for him and his grammar could use some help with the cause but it is humorous and I have so many more to share that I finally got one scanned in is a real accomplishment for me. I have a stack of Anna's stuff waiting to be shared too, maybe someday.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute, although I thought the time change was only a couple of hours, not a whole day?!? I love being able to see the kids art work, almost as good as the refrigerator!!
Love you all, Aunt Patty