Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Social Butterfly

Yep, that's me. I had quite an exciting day yesterday. It started out with an early morning phone call from a friend. Prayers are needed in Kentucky so a few sent that way would be great. Then off to Bible study, some good socializing, some great Word, and gracious prayers.
Off to lunch with a new friend, had a terrific lunch full of conversation and really enjoyed getting to know someone better. Off to school to pick up kids with a quick stop at Subway to pick up a sandwich for my sick husband (whom I ignored for the last two days while he was sick, but I'll more than make up for it this weekend at our retreat.) Get a text from a great friend here, her dad is sick in Michigan again, ugh, more prayers sent that way please. Pick up the kids and go over to her house for a quick hug and a little chat, her husband is out of town so a little visit never hurts anyone. Kids love them too so it was a treat for them to play for a few minutes.
Run home...get a call from SIL, she is at her first OB appointment for baby #3 and feeling stressed, she got to see the heartbeat though (found out via text later, love text sometimes), so praise prayers and thanksgiving for new life. Drop off kids, kiss sick husband, change my pants, and back into the car. Into town to meet another friend (I know five friends in one day, my SIL counts as friend too, but she is family too). We had a night on the town, really we left Havre, we went to Great Falls, grabbed some fabulous dinner with fun conversation and then she took me to see The Pajama Game, a broadway musical. SOOOO Fun. I really enjoyed it after the initial clausterphobia, haven't been in a place with that many people in a really long time. So great though, music, dancing, so much talent so much fun.
Then the two hour drive home, of course we talked the whole way, so it flew by, thanks Courtney (if she ever reads this which knowing her she won't love her anyway though).
Home at midnight, in bed by 1, and up at 6:50. Full of energy though amazing how friends can just life you up. Great, great day. Thank you Father for friends.
I really have to step out of my box to meet new people but I am so thankful I have here, I have met some wonderful fantastic forever friends.
God Bless,

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