Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good Saturday Morning

Well, I can't believe it is already Saturday and I haven't even posted since Monday. We have been so busy at the property or house as we should call it. Mon. Tue. and Wed. we were out there until 11 at night working, the kids went to bed in their sleeping bags in front of the fireplace. They have been a bit crabby this week but it is crunch time and we will all get back on track very soon. Only 9 more days until closing and 10 until our household goods arrive.
I finally finished tiling the shower and returned the tile saw. I still have to grout it but I needed a break from my bathroom, I spent a lot of time in there. The floor has been grouted the vanities have all been set and now we are waiting on the plumber. I do need to paint the shower ceiling and paint the trim for the shower but I have to wait for some special paint. So in the mean time I've been painting trim, cleaning up, and helping with the concrete countertops. The island counter is poured and turned out good, now we just have grinding to do and that is all up to Ben.
Today's agenda is a full one again. We will empty the trailer of trash, then fill it up with some firewood, pick Anna up from her sleepover, clean all the extra thinset from the tub and shower, get it prepared to grout, grout it, paint trim, paint more trim, and then paint some more trim (there is a lot of trim), lay the linoleum tonight right before leaving and any other little jobs that crop up.
I'm taking a huge shopping trip on Monday for groceries, mirrors, rugs, and other minute details that haven't been attended to. I'm trying not to think about the costs, I'll go inexpensive but details add up. We're doing fairly well on our budget for the house so that is a positive.
Now we need a few extra prayers, it seems the electrician has gone AWOL, and that is a real problem because Montana laws are very rigid in electrical work. So please pray we are able to find the electrician or get a new one in the next 3 days so we are ready to go by Thursday when the appraiser comes. We are already getting appraised without cabinets or countertops or trim up. So here we go we are onto the ten day countdown which is really only 5 days because all has to be ready by Thursday morning.
I'll post some more pictures soon, I promise.

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