Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beau's Halloween

Well I couldn't adequately describe all three of the kids days in one e-mail, so I split it up. Beau's day started with wearing his t-shirt that says "this is my halloween costume" he wears it a lot. His Halloween party at school was at noon, Luke and I volunteered at the monster puppet table, they had stations, bobbing for swinging apple rings, making monster mud, monster toast, face painting, and pin the nose on the pumpkin were a few of them.
Then he went as Obi-Won, after the initial issue with no blue light saber because his cheap mom wouldn't buy one because we have one it storage, he was happy to be a star wars guy. He framed his face with his hands for every picture, don't ask me.
In these he is say "May the force be with you" so every picture has his mouth open at the end, real attractive. He doesn't care. He was having fun.
He loved his jack-o-lantern, it was a scary one, because they aren't supposed to be happy, Luke and Anna were crazy for making theirs happy.
Trick-or-treating at our friends house.

A better smile for this shot.
Can you see what is being put in his was the thrill of the night. Thanks Amber and Jim, they have done a lot to make our life in Havre a happy one.
Beau's quote of the night came at the mall trick-or-treating...someone dressed up as the headless horseman complete with a real pumpkin jack-o-lantern head...Beau kept repeatedly saying, loudly I might add..."that is ridiculous, what is he doing, that's ridiculous, so ridiculous, why would you do that, that's ridiculous." I think it is safe to say Beau will never wear a pumpkin on his head and if he does I will show him this blog.

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