Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Sneak Peak

So here it is a little peak into our new home, our fresh start, our humble abode, whatever you want to call it, we move in Tuesday. We also now close on Tuesday thanks to the bank. But I'm not bitter, actually I'm just glad it was only a one day bump and we are still on track with everything.
My fabulous shower is still not complete, but well I just couldn't wait to show some of the stuff we have been so busy with. So enjoy.

This is the sink in our vanity, this one happens to be Ben's, it is a custom made counter top out of I don't know what, but I got to pick the color and I like it A LOT.

Here is a shot of the vanity from the bathtub, as you can see my sink isn't quite finished but the plumbers will be back Monday, or they better be back Monday I should say. We will eventually when someone makes up her mind get two mirrors, Ben wants one giant mirror but I am dead set against it. Any opinions?
Okay here it is the most glorious place to sit in the house, yes it is the bathtub, I can't wait to lock the door and have solitude.
And just because one picture might not be enough I took two.
Then this is the floor looking into the closet. You can see the rug outside the shower, but sorry you can't see the shower until it is finished, completed, done, and well that may be sometime in the next century.
Here is Anna's vanity and rug, they do have mirrors, but they aren't up and I'd rather take picture without looking at myself taking the picture. I also like that you can see the toilet seat up, life with boys I guess.
Another shot to see the whole view with her lights. Do you like the soad dispenser, toothbrush holder, yes 62 cents, thank you.
Here is the boys vanity area, again the same soap toothbrush ensamble, can't beat the price.
Here is there bath/shower, shower curtain and rug with matching curtain rings, less than $15 dollars, I know your impressed.
Here it is looking from the other direction I know you can't see the rings sorry could only fit so much in.
So what do you think. Do you like it so far. I'd show you more but well, we don't have a kitchen. Did I mention we move in on Tuesday, oh I did. Well we will have appliances and everything from storage but no cabinets, they were the wrong color. It happens, someday the cabinets will come and it will all be together. For now we will all be together with all our stuff and we will be happy.
On a side note...
Beau turns 7 tomorrow, he is so full of wisdom and brains. I was sweeping tonight with a broom and this was the information he gave me...
Mom, that is the way they did it in the 90's because you know they didn't have vacuums back then so they had to use the broom.
I am not sure what he was talking about but I guess since he wasn't alive in the 90's that seemed like far enough ago. How strange is that.


Anonymous said...

Yur house is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe you did that tile yourself!! What an accomplishment. Love the Kids' vanities. I think two mirrors for your vanity would look more elegant.
Happy 7th Birthday Beau!!
I can't believe he is SEVEN
Gotta Go

Anonymous said...

I have got to have you tile my bathroom, yours is beautiful. Wow, what an acomplishment, not that I had any doubts, but wow. Stephanie is right your design is great. I can not wait to see more.


Happy birthday Beau. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

The bathrooms are so fabulous. I love the tile and I think you will need to plan an extra couple of days in Michigan to tile mine and your Mom's bathrooms!! Mine is big and nice, but very plain. I need your flair! I am happy that you get to move in tomorrow regardless and can't wait for next Monday's blog!!!!! Love Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

It is very exciting to read the blog, and the hard work sure looks like it paid off!! Cant wait to get to MT Monday!!!