Saturday, November 15, 2008

Missing Grandma

My Grandma Altine died seven years ago today, Nov. 15, 2001, I won't ever forget the day because it was the day I was due with my firstborn, I was in Alaska, she passed away in Michigan. Beau was born on the 17th the day of my grandmother's funeral, as my mom and aunt and all my family laid her to rest I was bringing new life into the world. The last time I talked to her was one of her last coherent moments. I missed being there I hated I couldn't say good-bye but I know she passed by Beau and got to give him a kiss on her way up. It took me a long time to realize she was gone because of missing the funeral there was very little closure. I think it was three years after her death that I finally made it to the cemetary and got to say goodbye that I felt like I was able to let go because I knew she was in a far better place.
Some things I learned from my Grandma and memories I have. They haven't faded and I pray they never do.
I spent lots of weekends with her and we never missed Sunday morning Mass, one week we just weren't able to get to the church, I have no idea why, but she made us sit and watch Mass on television. I've never since watched Mass on television nor will I probably but it sure showed me how important the Word of God was to her and I carry that with me always.
She also wasn't afraid, at least in my mind, if we were going to cross the road we did it where we wanted and the cars would stop, when she was in a wheel chair if we didn't go when she said oh did we get lectured. The cars always stopped we always made it safely across and she was see I told you.
She forgave, we broke a lot of things in her house, furniture, crystal, and once during a raging game of PayDay I stood up to rejoice and smashed her chandelier above the dining room table. Glass was everywhere, I was in tears because I felt so bad, she just gave me a hug, laughed and we all cleaned it up. Some days I need more of that attitude when my children break things.
She didn't cook much if ever, I only remember soup, microwave meals, or going out to eat, but we did have fun no matter what.
She used to work in a video store and we'd walk to the store get a movie and go back to her house to watch it until she got out of work. She also took us to the movies, the one I remember the most was E.T. because my favorite cousin cried at the end. I remember Grandma consoling her even for the life of me I couldn't figure out what was so upsetting about the whole thing. Now I understand a little more, but the whole alien thing just doesn't bring me to much emotion.
We always ate pudding pops, my kids had one last summer, it all but brought tears to my eyes, she ALWAYS had pudding pops in her freezer for us.
I do miss Grandma, I miss that she never got to meet my kids or visit me in one of my homes. But I know she shared her life with me in ways I will never forget. I know she loved the Lord despite any of her flaws, and I know she was loved by many. For all those missing her today and thinking about her I hope this helps you to remember some of the good times too. And if anybody is going to the cemetary today would you please leave a prayer or a flower from me.
I'm going to go run a bath for my kids and dry my tears now.

P.S. Please pray for Ben's Uncle Gerald he is having difficulty recovering from jaw surgery.


Anonymous said...

Father Rob asked me this morning, as soon as Mass was over when Mom's anniversary date was, I told him yesterday, he said that she had been on his mind all day yesterday. He came to the new home and then over to the old for dinner. Brandy & I did visit the cemetary. We will take the Christmas decoration out at Thanksgiving. She did love her Grandkids! She was so happy to be able to be part of your lives. Love you. Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

So many things in this are sparking wonderful memories!! Well, where do I start? I don't remember, was I laughing while you were crying over the chandelier? Remember the huge tub at that place where Grandma used to "babysit"? Last summer, for the first time in years I saw Pudding Pops at the store--I didn't even know they still made them, yes they brought a little tear to my eye. A bittersweet tear, bitter because those days are gone and we can never have them back, sweet because, like anything that reminds me of those years, always brings a smile to my face. You wouldn't believe how often I think of you, like every time I make blueberry pancakes, or if I am doubling a recipe:), I see a tennis court, or when my kids are driving me crazy-I think- "I wonder how Bridget's day is going?" Not that I think your kids do nothing but drive you crazy, but because I know we are going through the same things so far apart. Of course I could pick up the phone and call, but that sounds a whole lot easier than it really is. By the way E.T. is a very sad movie. We watched it not that long ago and I sniffled a little then as well.
I am so glad you have this blog, I feel like I can be more connected to you now. I want to stay in contact more, like you haven't heard that from me before.
Well I got home from work 45 minutes ago, it is now 10 and the boys are still running around. Time to put them to bed.
Love and miss you,
"the favorite cousin" :)