Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me...Monday #5

I can't believe it is already five weeks since I started doing Not Me Monday's. They are fun and something I look forward to. I kind of hope my friends and family enjoy reading them and get to see a little bit of the crazy life we lead here in the middle or nowhere.

I am not baking cupcakes right now for Beau's 7th birthday to take to school, I am way more prepared than that I did it last night. I am not going to put skittles and frosting on top of these cupcakes that would just be a mean thing to do to that poor teacher.

I did not forget to put Anna's library books in her bag this morning, for the second week in a row. She always returns her books on time and I won't be taking them in when I take in the cupcakes as soon as they are finished.

I did not almost break down in tears when I ran out of grout to finish the shower tiling project that I didn't start 3 weeks ago. This project has been smooth sailing there haven't been 12,000 setbacks and I'm not ever going to take a shower in that shower because I this point I don't HATE IT.
I also didn't sigh with exasperation when I didn't go to pick up more grout and for the first time they didn't have the color I needed in stock, they didn't say they would have it for me tomorrow and it isn't now four days later and the shower still isn't finished because I don't have the grout. AGGGHHHH!!!

I didn't curl up in my bed Friday and secretly delight in the fact that all three of my children curled up with me to watch Shrek on TV, we've seen Shrek 12 times and I wouldn't let my children stay up way past their bedtime just to relish in the quiet coziness of it all, that would make for seriously grumpy kids the next day and I wouldn't want to deal with that.

I didn't take several naps this week while Luke watched cartoons because I wasn't exhausted from 2 weeks of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. working out at the house. There was still way too much to be done for me to take naps and go out to lunch with a friend this week. I would be absolutely crazy to have done that.

I didn't give my kids showers right after school because by night time we are all exhausted or at the other house or something so they were not in serious need of baths the other day.

And finally we don't really close tomorrow (even though it wasn't supposed to be today) because that would mean all of this hard work is finally coming to fruition and I am not in complete unbelief that we are finally at this point. I am also not a little bit upset that we don't have a kitchen thus we have no cabinets to put anything away and well it won't be very interesting for the next few weeks to live in our new house.

I am not at all excited for tomorrow and I didn't stay up last night and post a sneak peak blog at some of the completed or almost completed rooms in my new house.

Have a great MONDAY!!!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I didn't have to pay $4.50 in library fees last week. I also never return library books late!

kay said...

Curling up in my bed and watching Shrek sounds like paradise to me. (:

Tracy said...

B - EMail me at Tracy DOT Hathaway AT I need your new mailing address for Christmas Cards!!! tks! :)