Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me...Monday #4

It's that time again, to not tell you about everything I didn't do this week. Thanks MckMama for starting this game.
I did not just spend all day shopping alone, in solitary, by myself. Because we didn't need a whole bunch of stuff for the new house that I didn't want to have in before the appraisal on Thursday. I didn't find some serious great deals, and I wasn't at all giddy about some of those deals. I mean 75 cents for three brand new halloween costumes is not a bargain at all. I didn't talk to random strangers all day long just because, my dad does that stuff not. I didn't take myself out to lunch at a Chinese buffet that is what my dad would have done. My dad didn't rub off on me at all.
I didn't find the greatest bathroom get up for my kids for under $15 including the matching rug. That would just be too great for me to even comprehend.
I did not do any Christmas shopping nor did I find the bean bags I've been looking for. My day did not go marvelously.
I did not get helped by every person available at Home Depot because I can find everything I need without help. I didn't need anyone to lift down the shelves, I think there were some bored Home Depot employees today.
I did not come home to happy children that were ready for bed, Luke wasn't asleep on his daddy's lap and daddy didn't earn big bonus points for all he accomplished today.

The tile did not come off the entry way of my shower and three pieces did not break, that would be a tragedy and require some immediate attention. I did not say a bad word when this did not happen and then ignore it and go about doing whatever I wasn't doing to begin with and leave the problem for another day.

I am not looking forward to moving into my house next week and getting my belongings that have been in storage for 8 months. I wouldn't get my hopes up like that. (the electrician and plumber better get their acts together, or they won't like me)


Kimber said...

How exciting to be moving into your house.

Babione 6 said...

Your day sounds wonderful and Yay for the awesome deals!

Always glad to meet another Bridget!


Anonymous said...

I like checking in on you through this blog, but I really loved talking with you after your day of shopping. Be sure to give each one of them a hug and kiss from me. Love Aunt Patty