Saturday, November 1, 2008

Luke's Halloween

Luke's day was FANTASTIC. It began as spiderman at 9 a.m. and then donuts and rice kripy treats, and punch. What could be better. After Anna's party he was tired and he let me know by throwing a fit as we left every store we went to in search of the stinkin cowGIRL hat. So when we finally got back to the school as we were walking into the building he put his head down and went to sleep. Now what? The librarian seeing my quandry made up a little bed for him in the library and he slept there for the next hour, talk about good dreams. He woke up a little grumpy because well...I wasn't there and the librarian brought him in. After an apple and some monster toast made lovingly by his older brother (Beau really was being great to him), he got in a better mood and made five monster puppets.
Then we went to the playground ran off his morning sugar to get ready for the evening. He lit up lots of faces with his "TRICK OR TREAT" especially at the care center (nursing home). His highlight was the kittens too as is visible in the pictures below, he isn't the gentlest but he LOVES them. Batman was his idea weeks ago when we first visited them, the kids had no idea we were getting them last night. Well neither did I, but thankfully Jim gave me a heads up earlier in the day so I could have the camera ready.

What a great day they all had. I'll post group photos later, right now I have to go get a tile saw and kitten food.
Happy All Saints Day!!!

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