Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not Me...Monday #3

Thanks to www.mycharmingkids.net for hosting this even though she just had a baby...amazing.

I did not spill a cup of coffee in my lap at the car dealership, that would be something a child or a man would do. I was not the one that wrapped a zipped winter vest around my waste to hide the mess. I most definitely didn't go to Wal-mart looking ridiculous like that and I sure did not spend $15 on new pants and a new shirt because I did not need them to go have lunch with Beau because I wasn't out of bread again. I did not proceed to a friend's house who wasn't home to change my clothes because I wouldn't just barge in someone's home uninvited and unexpected just to get the coffee stained jeans off. I also would never let Luke run around chasing their cats while I did not change. I wasn't embarrassed at all by the whole experience.

I know it wasn't me who had a complete and total meltdown when the cabinets finally came for the kitchen and they were the wrong color. I didn't spend most of Halloween day in tears as we tried to figure out what to do, that would just be silly. And I wasn't at all relieved when I learned we can still close without cabinets in while we don't wait for the right color to be built and delivered because living in a house with no kitchen cabinets would just be crazy, and I'm not crazy. I also love having the whole wrong set of cabinets sitting in my dining room to stare at me every time I walk through taunting me, no I really like to have all the space used for such a good purpose.

There are not only 13 days until closing, and there aren't only 9 more doors to paint, trim to paint, windows to put in, and countertops to be built. Nope we are much more ahead of the game than that.

I also am done tiling. I don't still have a wall of the shower to go and the doorway to figure out how to tile. I know what I'm doing. I haven't spent 56 hours measuring and cutting and thin setting, it was someone else. I also didn't grout the floor at 10 last night after I put my kids to bed in their sleeping bags in front of the fire place. I didn't ask Ben for help when I started to panic because of all the warnings that I was given about the grout not wiping off the tile easily. No I wasn't worried at all, and didn't appreciate Ben coming to finish the grout with me at all. I don't love to work alongside my husband. Putting grout on vertical surfaces is also very easy to do, there is no running or settling that takes place.

I am not looking forward to finally being settled in our new home in less than two weeks.

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