Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just About Beau

UPDATED - FRIDAY 11/14 6:30 P.M.
As we are driving home from hockey tonight this is Beau's question...
"Do mice have trouble pooping?"
I was just like huh, what, why are you asking that.
His reply "well because they eat all that cheese you know so I just wondered if it made them have problems."
Entertaining to say the least.

Beau has started hockey as seen in a previous post. He has been steadily getting better. The second practice he said he wanted to quit...I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact I was a little tough on him that day trying to help but not the way he wanted. So I told him quitting wasn't an option and we went home. Practice #3 went significantly better and I kept my mouth shut. After practice he didn't want to quit anymore. #4 was awesome. I had to leave to take Anna to a sleepover and when I came back he was following the coach staying on his feet, hitting a puck and chasing it and just overall starting to look like a hockey player...albeit one who still spent a lot of time falling down and getting back up.
Then Sunday I took him to an open skate, I had so much fun I hadn't skated for years and was worried I'd be a bit unsteady. But I wasn't and we held hands and skated, I held him up when he'd start to fall. Then I wanted him to do it himself some more (he had his helmet on but not full gear or armor as he calls it). So we skated back and forth he fell a lot and without armor it hurt. Then we started to race, I skated backwards, he was doing really well with this. Beau got hungry only because they had a small concession stand, so I told him if he could make it from one end to the other without falling I'd buy him something. So of course he did, all the way without falling, he got a snickers. He ate it while I skated, he waved everytime I went by and when he was finished he came back out with me. Then we played a little more.
It was so fun, at least for me, he was tired whiney and a little sore from all the falls. He was even grumpier when we got back to the property and Ben was wrestling with Luke and Anna and they were finished. Beau was bummed he'd missed out, wrestling with dad is the best according to him.
So I was feeling a little miffed, I thought we'd just had a great time and maybe he didn't so much.
Well HE DID, yesterday after school he gave me a thankyou card with a note saying how much fun he had skating with me (even if he said his favorite part was the snickers.) It was so cool, it really made my day and allowed me to see how much Beau really did appreciate our time together.
This was a conversation I had with Beau last night on the way home from CCD.
Beau "Mom, soon I'm going to get a car."
Me "oh really"
B "yeah, maybe a brown chevy or something like that."
"dad likes chevy right mom"
Me "Yes, he does, but you can have your own opinion"
B "well what else is there, what doesn't dad like"
Me "Toyata, isn't dad's favorite"
B "well, maybe I'll get a brown one of those"
Me "well you don't have to get something dad doesn't like"
B "why doesn't dad like it"
Me "the company is owned by another country"
B "Oh, well what is owned in the United States"
Me "well, Ford...Dodge"
B "oh I'll get a Dodge, I like those, well what about a jeep does chevy make a jeep?"
Me "no jeep is it's own company"
B "well what country owns Jeeze"
Me "It's Jeep, and I'm not sure I think it is American"
B "oh okay, by the way when can I get a car, like when I'm 18"
Me "I don't know we'll see"

Then Beau goes back to talking about the radio and what music he wants to listen to and what song is on and who is singing it. Life is never dull with Beau around.

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