Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin carving

We carved our pumpkins today. We squeezed in a half hour of fun to get it done before Halloween. Beau really wanted to save his seeds he was contemplating and discussing all the money we would save by keeping them and planting them next year, or maybe they would be a good snack if we fried them, or maybe he could use them as sunflower seeds around a cupcake. All fabulous ideas for a mom with some extra time on her hands...that isn't me right now, they went into the garbage with the rest of the guts. He was okay with that once we got to the face drawing.

They did have fun and we enjoyed the time with them. I ran out of time and batteries to get pictures of the finished product but we will get those posted later with the kids in their halloween costumes. Luke is spiderman, Beau is Obi-Wan, and Anna is a pink cowgirl (although she really wanted to change to Barbie the Diamond princess, but I wouldn't go for it.)


Earthmommy said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for entering my giveaway. I enjoyed browsing your blog, your kids are adorable!

tarable said...

I'm with that last commenter. Wow, you're daughter is so beautiful. You entered my giveaway & I just wanted to say thanks, good luck! Your blog is fun, I love to read about restoration & remodeling projects. Even though I know you're hating them at the moment. Hope everything works out well.

Tara Carpenter
The Well-Rounded Woman

Anonymous said...

I laughed till i cried over Ben mishap in the lagoon (my term) its a
good thing I was home alone. As fo ryour reluctance to take the kids to
the sceen (tsk tsk) I am really soory there are probalby NO pictures.
Thanks foryour blog it keeps me going someitmes Love. Uncle Fr. Richard