Friday, October 17, 2008

Anna Madness

Beau and Anna didn't have school yesterday, so Anna came down in one of her favorite outfits. It was a skirt and short sleeve shirt. The shirt is almost too short but don't let her hear you say that. She would wear a skirt or dress daily if able, the winter wardrobe is a little less filled than her summer one was. So we braided her hair, something not permitted on school days for fear of putting her into a terrible mood, she has a very sensitive head and the tears come quick. After she'd been running around in her skirt most of the morning we had to run an errand. So she put sweat pants on and then had a zip up sweatshirt to wear. Now all was fine with that but she insisted on wearing her matching flip-flops. I obliged and she wore them it was almost 50 degrees, and we weren't going to be out long. Where did this girl come from? This morning she has a necklace on, oh but did I mention she is still in her pajamas with the necklace on.

She wanted some pictures of "how cute" she was yesterday. She must have asked me 50 times if she was soooo cute today. So she posed for a few photos. The first was a nice smile then I got this, the hmmm I know I'm cute and I like to do funny things with my mouth.
Now not to be outdone by their cute sister the boys jumped in on the fun.
This is what we got from the ten (well maybe five) we took. Don't they look so loving towards eachother. Looks can be deceiving sometimes, but most of the time they are fairly good friends.

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Anonymous said...

Anna is beautiful, I love that you got a girly girl tough enough for those boys! What a combination. Love Nana