Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Bit My Finger...Wah!!!

So we are running late this morning, we are out of milk and of course the lunch at school (cheese burgers) is inedible for my children. Luke would like it. I made eggs for breakfast thankfully we had those, these days we don't usually I run out frequently and never remember to buy them. But today we did, so I made two eggs for each child, now there are rules in egg making. They must be able to erupt like volcanoes or they may be left sitting on the plate until I make proper eggs that don't have the slightest bit of hard yolk. Thankfully my dad mastered the art of this kind of sunny side up egg making long ago and I took note, good thing I learned from my parents. So all was going quite well, then Anna wanted toast. Well I had just enough bread for two half PB and honey sandwiches and three pieces of toast, good thing Anna didn't want a whole today and Beau will only ever take a half. So toast is out--buttered, then sugar and cinnamon, the sugar bowl is almost empty so we all use our fingers to sprinkle on a little then cinnamon is dumped on because everyone wants to do it themselves. At this point I leave and get myself dressed---that is when Anna starts wailing, well now what is the problem she has finished her eggs, her toast is all but gone when she shows me her finger...somehow she managed to bite her finger while biting her toast--go figure. Now the problem I have is this isn't the first time she has done this. It is almost a monthly occurrence that Anna bites her finger while eating something...AGGHHH somebody help me. When is she going to figure out to keep her fingers out of her mouth when taking a bite.
So we got to school on time...and I am only slightly miffed with Ben for thinking he was doing us a favor by not waking us and letting us sleep in a little this morning.

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Kimberly said...

You certainly have a unique home. I've never heard of anyone biting their own finger eating.

I think it happens because she can tell where her fingers are on the food when taking a bit out. I don't know how old she is.. .but it might help if she takes the opposite hand and puts a finger against her bottom lip. As she goes to take a bite out of her food use the finger against the lip to feel for the fingers underneath on the food before they reach into her mouth. I hope that makes sense.